Card Gallery

The Otherkin tarot deck is minimal, welcoming, and organic. It endeavors to provide gentle clarity and encouragement while also leaving room for the querent's intuition and interpretation. Peruse the galleries below to take a look at the cards. We hope this deck is a good fit for you or for someone you know.

All hail the Queens! These court cards are among the most powerful in the deck, take a look at the Otherkin Queens here:

The Pages

The pages represent youthful energy, messengers, and new opportunities. Check out the Otherkin Pages here.

The Knights

Some rush in on swift steads while others plod along deliberately, the Knights speak of movement, romance, and our approach to life.

The Fives

The fives from tarot's minor arcana often represent competition, conflict, and, interpersonal struggle, take a gander at these informative fives.



The Fours

Sometimes we must lay down our swords and take time to plan and rest. Look to the fours for wisdom regarding self-care and personal development.

The Threes

In matters of industry, community, and relationship dynamics, the threes are full of subtle wisdom. Take a gander here.