The Queens

The Queen of Wands

Keywords: mystery, charisma, warmth, energy, capability, attraction, power

The Queen of Wands is charismatic, generous, and powerful. She inspires loyalty, dedication, and intense connections. This queen has the creative power of the Queen of Cups but with a darker edge. Where the queens that preside over the cups and pentacles are nurturing and motherly this queen is intriguing and full of magic. Her intelligence and wit can entertain and attract but it can also wound. She is at her best as an ally and leader but her loyalty and support is hard to win. If she represents the querent, they will identify her immediately as their archetype, she has that kind of energy.   

The Queen of Cups

Keywords: intuition, creativity, spirituality, fertility, creativity, success, power, femininity

The Queen of Cups is the lovely ruler of emotion, creativity, and intuition. Many tarot readers feel a special affinity for this card because she represents that inner voice that diviners must learn (or relearn) to hear in order to do the work.  At her best this queen reminds us of the power of compassion and is a pillar of strength within her community. She inspires others to live fully and to follow their own voice. Unlike the charismatic Queen of Wands, this lady does not inspire loyalty through cult of personality or fear of reprisal but instead she shepherds people gently, with love and understanding.

TheQueen of Swords

Keywords: fairness, good judgement, intelligence, independence, insight, reliability

The Queens of Swords is intelligent, analytical, and trustworthy.  Her mind is not clouded by emotion or sentimentality and she has none of the volatility of the other queens. Yes, she is stern and can be critical, judgmental, and harsh but if she is on your side, you will have no better ally.  She is a natural leader and the kind of person you would want in your crew during a zombie apocalypse, here is the person that can find the exit while everyone else is panicking. In short, this is a very positive card that speaks of self mastery and a deep intelligence. Yes, she struggles with compassion and can be very critical of others but it’s hard to suffer fools when you are as smart as this lady! This card can represent the querent or someone in the querent’s life. 

The Queen of Pentacles

Keywords: productivity, fertility, wealth, success, nurturing, home, happiness, prosperity

The beautiful Queen of Pentacles is a wonderful, nurturing card to pull. She is practical, motherly, secure, and wise. This card is strongly related to family and fertility and almost always features a rabbit in some aspect of the card. Her feminine energy is strong but in a more comforting and nurturing way than you find with the Queen of Swords or Wands. Where the Queen of Wands represents all that is mysterious and seductive and dark about feminine energy, the Queen of Pentacles is represents the strong, dependable, nurturing aspect of women. When you have a reading where the Queen of Pentacles appears alongside other Pentacle cards, there is a strong indication that the cards are speaking of material or financial matters, even if the inquiry is about love or relationships. For example if you see this Queen and the Six of Pentacles (the charity, or ‘giving’ card) the deck may be indicating that a female figure in your life can offer dependable, financial advice or assistance. In conjunction with the Hierophant, this card may indicate that an organization or community is assuming a ‘mothering’ role in your life.